Become an Avon Representative

How to become an avon representative in the UK?

What exactly will a job at Avon in the UK be like and what will be expected of you can be found below. Read it carefully and if you have any additional questions, get in touch and I’ll do my best to explain anything you are confused about.


My job as a leader is to guide, advise and support any new representative entering the Avon world. I would like to use my many years of experience at Avon to help you get started in your new business, step by step. I have many of the answers when it comes to questions asked by new representatives. If you want you can contact me at any time. You can always count on me because I am happy to help and I am always within reach.

To become an Avon representative you must be at least 18 years old and live in the UK, and you must have an identity document (Polish or English) with a photo and proof of address from the government no older than 6 months.


You are not obliged to make every order and there is no specific amount per order, the important thing is not to miss 3 orders in a row (3 months) because Avon will write you off as an active representative. If for some reason you miss 2 orders it is important to order anything in the third order even for a few pounds and new catalogues to keep yourself as an active rep. Orders can be placed wherever you want between campaign dates. The campaign lasts a whole month starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the last day at 6 pm, by which time you can place your order at the latest.

Avon Delivery

If you place a regular order it’s free, up to 2-4 working days you can get a minimum of 2 for free and a maximum of 8 if you exceed £35 order, depending on what level you are. If you want to place an additional order the cost of this order is £1.50 and you are guaranteed that within 7 working days, the package will be delivered to you. If your order is less than £35 delivery will be an additional £3.50. There is also a choice of express order paid £5 for the next business day, select day – £3.50 and select Saturday – £4

We have two starter kits to choose from – The ultimate kit which includes 10 of Avon’s most popular cosmetics and 40 catalogues, and the Welcome kit consisting of True lipstick and 20 catalogues – prices depend on the promotion in a given campaign from £5 upwards max £30.

Avon provides a 100% guarantee on all purchased products, the customer has 28 days to return or exchange the product if they are not satisfied for some reason. They can return them, but on the condition that the creams and perfumes are not used more than 1/3 of the contents. Underwear must have all tags and original packaging, this applies to all non-cosmetic items.

Once the invoice is issued, you have 10 to 13 days to pay for the goods at the bank, at the post office or by card over the Internet. Your Avon account balance must be zero at the time you make another order, i.e. Avon must receive your payment before you make another order, otherwise, the next shipment will be withheld until you pay for the previous invoice.

Avon Earnings

We can do any order you want, with no limits or set dates – you get 15% off your first order from £1. Discounts can be up to 32%, the discount is earned quarterly. Up to the first 4 orders, your discount can be up to 30%.
The value of our order includes everything you order- catalogues, samples, products from the catalogue for representatives, and products from catalogues for our customers, but you earn a % on the value of your order from catalogues for our customers. You don’t have to make every order.

We always order from one catalogue per campaign. We can place an order in 3 ways.

  1. Through the Avon website and catalogue
  2. Through the online store – see my
  3. Through the Avon On app, you can use the online catalogue – see my

Catalogues are packed 5 in each package
The price depends on which level in Avon Reward you are at.
If you make a sale within a quarter of signing up with Avon you will qualify for Avon Rewards and receive a Beauty pack with rewards and points to use – get more information from your leader.
Once you sign up after a few days you will receive your Avon account number and you can register on your Avon website

AVON contact no.

customer service and fast track – help desk for representative 03332345000
contact for leader: 03332344000

First Look – this catalogue is online only.

1) It consists of two parts, the first part is for new demonstration products (you can order each item in one piece, if there are several colours of a particular item – you can also order each colour in one piece). In the second part, there are sales products called Avon Clearance, from this part of the catalogue you can order any quantity as well as all kinds of samples, bags for packaging, and order forms.  With each order, you can always use one catalogue – the valid catalogue. Each catalogue is valid for four weeks.
2) All free items in the catalogues have their numbers, so please be careful and do not forget to write them down when ordering.
3) You have the option to set up your own personal My Avon store and then you can collect orders not only from your place of residence but also from all over England, wherever the currency is pounds sterling. There are often fantastic offers on the shop and it’s worth having it, it’s free and it’s open 24 hours a day.

How do you find new customers?

You can advertise in newspapers, and adverts, by leaving well-described catalogues behind your contact details in various places e.g. Polish food shops, Polish newspaper stalls, hairdressers, beauticians, launderers, schools, kindergartens,
someone comes to you when collecting goods you can give her an extra catalogue for her friend. You can use the English method of dropping the catalogue at the door, don’t forget to leave the date of collection of the catalogue and the order. Always call Avon before doing this and ask if the particular street where we want to throw the catalogues is not already being used by another representative.

How to become a sales leader

If you like working with AVON and you know English well, you can start as a sales leader. With Avon, you can achieve financial independence. The power of direct sales is a great self-reinforcing process in which you can achieve financial independence in a short time. You will learn how to build your group quickly and effectively, and how to train and motivate your team effectively as a Sales Leader. Sales Leader Training IS FREE.
Remember – when you join my group, you can always count on our help, you will also receive a complete start-up package and you have the chance to join our support groups, where we organise lots of competitions with great prizes and training in Polish and English. By joining our group, you will have guaranteed support at every stage of your work, as well as:

  • Weekly live updates on Company news
  • You will be added to a support group, where you can participate in cosmetic training courses
  • You are added to the representatives’ chat room, where you can ask a question at any time and receive an answer
  • You will have access to weekly zoom training and training materials
  • With us, you will learn how to sell!
  • With us, you can succeed!!!

Bonuses of becoming an avon rep:

  •  Right away and without any risk! Money back for a starter worth 100
  •  Super rules of cooperation
  •  Earn up to £1 up to 30% from sales,
  •  Free returns
  •  Zero targets
  •  Leader and group support at every stage
  •  No cancellation fees
  •  30-day guarantee on all products,
  •  Special catalogues for avon representatives with discounts of up to 90%
  •  No penalties for not sending orders
  •  You can work from home online
  •  Fantastic incentive programme
  •  Competitions with prizes
  •  Attractive offers for avon reps
  •  Growth opportunities

If you are interested simply fill in the application form  and I will contact you within 24 hours

Remember – when you join my group you can always count on my help, you will also receive the whole start-up package and you have the possibility of training in Polish and English.
Best regards Jolanta
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You can easily earn up to £1000 by being an avon rep, however, remember it is a job and nothing will come by itself. Good luck!!!