Avon Representative in the UK – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Work As Avon Representative


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When starting in Avon, every consultant has lots of questions. It’s always worth asking, as everyone wants to be well-informed at the very start of their business. Below are the most common questions. I hope you too will find answers to your questions here and for yourself. If something is bothering you, please write and I will try to solve the problem.


What documents can I use to sign the contract?

You will need two pieces of identification to sign the contract, these can be Polish documents such as a passport, identity card, or driving licence and English documents such as a NIN, British passport, British driving licence and documents of bills for gas, electricity, water, telephone, etc., as well as documents of any benefits we receive. You must provide proof of our address.


When can I expect delivery and can I make an appointment for a specific time?

Unfortunately, parcel suppliers are obliged to deliver a parcel to us on a specific day between 7 am to 7 pm. However, we can always change the delivery address to that of work or friends who are currently at home that day. The parcel delivery office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.


How long do I have to wait for the consultant’s number?

From the moment you apply, you fill in your details on the website and automatically the consultant gets your number. With this number, we register on www.avon.uk.com and we can already use the Avon website. Orders are usually placed online. You can find out how to place an order on the HELP FOR CONSULTANT page.


When can you return the cosmetics?

Generally, we have 28 days to return the products. We give the return parcel to the driver who brings the parcels to us. We return cosmetics for a variety of reasons – they are allergic or do not suit our customers’ tastes. Remember that when returning lingerie, it must always have the original packaging and all tags. And cosmetic products must not have used more than 1/3 of the product. In the section >How to do a cosmetics return <you can see exactly how to do a cosmetics return to Avon correctly.


Where can I find the codes and how much do the Avon returns cost?

We order the carrier bags directly from First Look – this is a special magazine just for the consultant, we can order paper bags in different sizes (small, medium, large) and there are always 50 bags for each packet and we always order 1 packet, you can order more if you need them.


How much can I earn as a consultant?

The possibilities are endless, as a seller, you can earn a lot or nothing at all. It is all in your hands. The best in England earn up to 250,000 a year-see for themselves:

YouTube – Debbie Davis – Avon Representative earns £250,000 a year.


How do I pay for Avon?

There are several ways to pay for packages here, we can pay on the Avon website by going to make a payment, or we can pay at the post office using a giro bill or at the bank (charge about £0.60). We always assume 4 days – paying at the post office and the bank. Caution: always keep a receipt for your payment – it has happened that payments have not arrived.


What is the entry fee?

There is no entry fee you can order entry packs with toiletries for £10 and £30



What counts towards the discounted total?

We count orders from the current catalogue as well as orders from First Look – including current and previous First Look – catalogues, samples and any extras, as well as any emerging Sale from which we also have a discount.


Will I have to pay any fees when I opt out?

You can resign from Avon at any time by simply missing 3 campaigns in a row, in which case Avon will automatically exclude you as a consultant. Of course, you must have your bills paid. There are no cancellation fees.


Do I have to be over 18 to become a consultant in the UK?

To work for Avon, you must be at least 18 years old for both Avon in Poland and Avon in the UK. If you are under 18, the contract can always be signed by your mother or another adult family member.


How do I acquire new customers?

Everyone knows that the main tools of an AVON consultant’s job are the catalogues (a new one every 4 weeks) with all the products offered for sale at the time, descriptions of these products and prices.
It is in our interest, if we want to earn money, that these catalogues reach as many people as possible. The best place to start is with friends, family and colleagues, but you can also leave catalogues in various places, e.g. shops, clinics, newspaper stands, hairdressers, laundromats, etc… The idea is yours!
Very often, consultants also work by dropping their catalogues in doorways – a very fashionable English method. You can drop catalogues wherever you want. Just ask your leader. Here in the UK, you can be a consultant even if you only want to buy cosmetics for yourself, there are no quotas for orders and you don’t have to make every order. Ordering under £30 additionally we have to pay a fee of £3.50 as the parcel is too small in value and Avon usually loses by sending such small orders. By simply ordering over £30 we are exempt from this charge. Every additional order under £30 costs £1.50.


I would like to make a return but I keep getting passed over by the courier. Is there another option when it comes to returning unwanted or damaged cosmetics to Avon?

There is. If you look at our returns booklet on the back cover, the terms and conditions for returns are clearly stated, as well as the address where you can return the items by post.
In this situation, the package is sent to the following address: Avon Cosmetics LTD. Returned Goods Dept, Earlstreet Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 4AZ. Remember to always keep a confirmation that the parcel has been sent.


What happens if I don’t pay my invoice?

Bills must be paid on time, however, if you fail to do so then unfortunately your next parcel will be held up until you do. If you still don’t pay your bill then Avon charges penalties of £20 each, after three times the penalty the case goes to a review tribunal and then the matter becomes serious at any time a bailiff can enter your home demanding payment of an unpaid bill. In the case of larger amounts, the case goes to court. You will also end up on the UK’s debtors list, becoming unreliable for banks and other institutions, which may have consequences for the future: you may not be able to get any credit or even some equipment on hire purchase.

What happens if a parcel is held up?

A parcel can be held up for several reasons.
1. your bill has not been paid – whenever a parcel is held up and the bill is already paid you should call Avon and arrange another delivery date. If this is not done the parcel is returned to Avon after 7 days.
2. your first order is too big (every new consultant has a limit for the first order), if we exceed the limit we have to pay a prepayment on our bill. The prepayment is usually as much as our order will exceed the limit. You should always contact the Avon office.
3. you have been an Avon consultant before and your bill has not been paid.


What is the Avon cosmetics guarantee?

What does buying cosmetics from a consultant give you? * 100% certainty of the origin of the product, its legal purchase (shipments from the factory) * possibility to return ANY item * quality guarantee (expiry date, original composition of the product) * products are new, intact * a consultant can always help you choose the right cosmetics, or advise you not to.
AVON quality and guarantee
1) Products are guaranteed and can be returned 2) Cosmetics are not tested on animals 3) Avon is at the forefront of new trends in make-up and accessories 4) Cosmetics have a shelf life of 3 years from the time of manufacture. Explanation of symbols on the packaging USE-FRIENDLY Avon cosmetics have a shelf life of 3 years. The date on the packaging is the date of manufacture!!!

The letter “z” indicates the factory in Garwolin, e.g.: The remaining combination of digits stands for: day month year e.g. Z 25 08 07. [read:] product manufactured in Garwolin on 25 August 2007. An open jar with a number indicates how long after opening the cosmetic can be used, e.g. 12M – 12 months Always read the production date carefully, and never use cosmetics after the expiry date.


How much time do I have to pay the invoice?

We always have between 10 and 14 days from the moment we receive the package – this is not specified in Avon – to pay the invoice. We receive the cosmetics first, so we have time to deliver them and collect the money.


How do I become visible as a consultant to customers in my street who are registered with the online store?

To do this you need to activate your profile, to do this go to MY PROFILE, then Preferences, tick I would like to receive Customer Leads from Avon and appear in the Find Representative search results. Select what details you would like Avon to share with our new clients and click Save. And done. Just a note: you must be an active consultant or it will not work.


What do I do if I want to make a complaint about Avon?

Complaints at Avon sometimes happen for various reasons, such as a badly packed parcel or “driver error”. If you want to complain to Avon you can write to Avon at:


When I place an order, do I have to enter all the products separately or do I have to count them

As a consultant, when you place an order, you do not need to count the products, there is no need to count them, you can enter each product separately and the program will automatically count the individual products


What should I do if I return my products and Avon initially gives me the money but then takes it back? Why?

Returns at Avon are given back daily, every day 10,000 parcels arrive at Avon’s warehouse, and sometimes it is difficult to find the right one within the allotted time. Therefore, Avon may take money from your account, in which case you always have to call and give your BARCODE. The CARRIER RETURN LABEL is always attached to the first receipt and is characterised by the fact that it has a code bar, the same as every product you scan in the shop. This code strip contains our data and underneath this code strip, you will find a series of bold numbers, the last four of which you enter in the return booklet in the space marked BARCODE. We write it down in the return booklet. Don’t ever throw away the booklet, because Avon can take up to 3 months to return it. A bad return will also be disregarded, so always make sure you have done everything correctly.


What if I can’t communicate in English with the Avon office can I nominate someone to speak for me?

There is only one thing you can do in this case, you need to send a written certificate that you are authorising another person to represent you to the following address: Avon Cosmetics Ltd Earlstrees Road Corby Northants NN17 4AZ and READY

What if we are moving house? How do you change your address?

Where to change your address. Go to MY ACCOUNT then MY PROFILE and in the BILLING ADDRESS section there is a REQUEST CHANGE FROM AVON at the very bottom and there a request to change your address will open. When entering your details you will need to enter your full address, including postcode and under the table, there is also a space for SAFE LOCATION – this is a safe place where drivers can leave the parcel if you are not at home, it should be out of sight, safe and accessible to the driver e.g. a shed, garage, greenhouse, neighbour’s house or bin by the house. When the address is changed, you should wait a few days, because I was once told that we send out a request and the address itself is changed manually by people working in the office. We can also always change the address directly

What is a Sales Service Centre?


If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to and if you speak English you can call Avon directly on 0333 234 5000 and select option 0 to speak to an agent. Don’t be frightened when the answering machine comes on, it usually asks for your date of birth and your consultant number. You want to send payment: Payments should be paid within 13 days of the last invoice date, i.e. by the time you place your next order they should already be paid. Payments must be on time otherwise the package will be delayed.
There are 3 ways to pay for your order:
1) Online at www.avon.uk.com – Make a payment option,
2) Over the phone using the Fast Trak system 0333 234 5000 you need to select option 2.
3) At the Post Office and HSBC Bank – cash-only payment Send Credit – online return If you have cosmetics, to return, you need to return this in Credit as soon as possible.
Then send the products back within 28 days. Otherwise, the return will not be credited. If you have any further questions please email me – Leading Avon Leader In The UK.