How to Register for the First Time on the Avon Website

Go to
Then click on the upper right corner REPRESENTATIVE LOGIN / REGISTRATION
Later a table will appear – Representative Login exactly below it we click on the highlighted in pink register here today
On the last page, a table will appear and there we must fill in all the spaces marked with an asterisk. The filled data in the table must agree with our data: the most important places where most often avon representatives make mistakes:

  1. Account No. – this is the representative number we are given by Avon.
  2. Date of birth – the date of birth should be entered exactly as given in parentheses, e.g. 15/07/1982.
  3. Create a username – here we give a name to our CONTACT page.
  4. Create password – The password must be at least 6 characters, the strength of the password is greater when you add to it some digits
  5. Re-Type Password – repeat the password
  6. At the very end, we need to check the box that we agree with all the rules and security and agree with the terms and conditions. TERMS & CONDITIONS – click – yes
  7. Remember to check the box at the very bottom next to Click here to confirm you have read and accepted the Privacy & Security Statement
  8. To confirm our registration we press SUBMIT. REMEMBER!!!! We register only once at the beginning of our work at Avon. After that, we only enter our number and password in the pink table. Don’t lose your pass